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Black People Waste Their Lives Away!


A Mind Is  A Terrible Thing to Waste

Yes there were heinous laws such as the Slave Codes, to the Jim Crow Laws, to the War on Drugs.  But you can't blame all of this on the white man.  Where is this boys father?  Inquiring minds wanna know.

Black people know that the laws are against them.  But in order to make a difference they need to be a part of the system.  Picketing is not necessary; the doors are WIDE OPEN, but you just don't want to walk through them.  Black people have freedom and can go to law school just like any other group of people.  All white lawyers did not get a law degree because their parents were wealthy.  Just ask any lawyer how many loans they had to repay.  Black people complain about the laws, police brutality, the unfair drugs, even the way the food tastes in prison  but they choose to not invest 4 to 7 years or the money in getting their education.  They want it fast.  They want it from the system.   Or they want to blame white people for little Terrell getting harrassed by the police.

Black people would rather have tinted windows, or a car with rims, or clothes, or get their hair done every other week, or the newest Air Nikes, or a cell phone.

Why is it that all of these poor, complaining Black people have PIMPED OUT cell phones and the latest ringtones?  STUPID!

The problem:  laws that are unfair to black people.

The solution:  send your sons and daughters to law school by whatever means necessary. 

Why are Black People Democrats?  And why do they get mad if you don't want to be a Democrat?

Will they ever get over slavery?

Will they quit crying discrimination?

What are they doing with their lives besides wasting it away?

Why do white people have to do anything for them?  What are they doing for their own?


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