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 WHITE AMERICA ASKS:  Why Should I Apologize?

Attention All Black People...What about the Jews?  They were enslaved, too?

George Washington & Abraham Lincoln didn't see the Black person as an equal.  So White people decided to partner with African leaders to start the Slave Movement.

Here are a couple of things that aren't talked about.  First of all, White people came to America to create a new opportunity for themselves.  Their initial labor supply was white prisoners and thugs that Europe no longer wanted in their country.  So it is safe to say that the original Pilgrims were convicted criminals and undesireables. 

But Africans, too, wanted to cleanse Africa of certain tribes or prisoners in their country.  They wanted to rid themselves of the undesirable.  They were sick and tired of fighting with certain opposing groups and they believed that their land should only be reserved for the best Africans. Africans wanted guns, money.  The whites needed slaves that could resist European diseases like small pox, polio, german measles, flus, colds, etc.


Why do you get jealous of our comfortable homes?  Or nice cars?  Why do you get mad because we can take what you create and turn it into something profitable?  (hip hop, dance, music, braids, language,  tans, etc.)  You could have created the first TANNING SALONS.  But no!  You wanted to sit around and complain and wait for someone to give you a hug.  Don't get upset because I I love my summer tan!

The reality is that most slaves were NOT WANTED in Africa.  They were REJECTS.  And Africans were the first to enslave people and are still doing it to this day!  There are a lot of rich White people who profited from the slave trade, but go to Africa, and you will find a lot of Black people who are BILLIONAIRES, too.  Not all Africans are broke!

Secondly, the White people that came over here didn't have anything either!  They worked hard and even if you don't agree with their tactics, they literally started from scratch. 

Black people were set free but what did they do?  They turned around and became maids and porters.  That's understandable, but they took their extra money and bought liquor, clothes and made music.  They expected that they would be considered an equal without money, education, or land.  They became selfish and did not think about the sacrifices that they would have to make in order for their great, great grandchildren to be college graduates, home owners, business owners and more.  They became more interested in their hairstyles, their clothes, and how they dip when they pimp walk.

White people do not concern themselves with clothes and shoes.  A white person can enter a store and look broke but have a three car garage!  A black person can have the flyest outfit and everyone knows that they are broke.  What are you really concerned about.  Your image or your stability?

No one is to blame for a 20 year old who takes his or her money and buys it on clothes, instead of saving everything he has for 10 years to buy a house that he can pass down to the next generation.

White people are sick and tired of hearing about reparations.  We are sick and tired of hearing you cry about the PAIN of slavery.  We are sick and tired of hearing you say that it's our fault.

If any group of people owe you an apology, it should come from Africa.  You know, the people that you want to IDENTIFY with.   Africa is more fertile and bountiful of natural resources than any other continent.   

White America works with Europe to make things happen.  African Americans should work with Africa to make things happen. 

You will never get what you want from us.  You will only get what you want from yourself!

Why are Black People Democrats?  And why do they get mad if you don't want to be a Democrat?

Will they ever get over slavery?

Will they quit crying discrimination?

What are they doing with their lives besides wasting it away?

Why do white people have to do anything for them?  What are they doing for their own?

 are they doing for their own?


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