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 Crazy Black People Videos!

A Formal Apology to Black People

I Know Black People Game Show

Kanye Threatens He Better Win the Grammy

A Mike Tyson Christmas Greeting

The New Orleans Looters Are So Poor and They Are So Black

Rappers On the Weakest Link

Pimp My Bride

Pimped Shopping Cart

A Pimp Gets The Pavement

Ghetto Car Fight

More Ghetto Fighting

Eddie Murphy About America's Racial Predjudice

Black Mama Teaches How To Discipline Kids


White Boy Wannabe Rappers

White Boys Trying to Freestyle

White Men Like The Booty, Too

A Charlie Brown Kwanzaa

Geeky White Man Pimpin A Computer

Pepsi Vanilla Pimped

Racist White Dude Pranked

Do You Speak English?

George Bush Says "Whatever"

White People Cannot Dance

Pimped Shopping Cart


Crazy Japanese Videos

Japanese Niggas

Cool Extras

Black Men Can Hoop

Breakdancing Ain't For The Black People No Mo'

Michael Jordan Shoes

Amazing Michael

Breakdancing Battle

Tiger Woods As a Two Year Old

Why are Black People Democrats?  And why do they get mad if you don't want to be a Democrat?

Will they ever get over slavery?

Will they quit crying discrimination?

What are they doing with their lives besides wasting it away?

Why do white people have to do anything for them?  What are they doing for their own?



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